Electric Jungle and The Orangutan Project team up to support endangered animals

Electric Jungle to donate money from escooter sales to The Orangutan Project

Electric Jungle and The Orangutan Project team up to support endangered animals


In efforts to save the Orangutan and its natural habitat Electric Jungle pledge to donate £10 per sale to The Orangutan Project.


When founding The Orangutan Project, Leif Cocks wanted to make sure thousands could join together to secure the survival of our fellow human beings. Now 23 years later the project is in more than ‘full swing’ and the organisation has now safeguarded hundreds of thousands of acres of rainforest across Indonesia. 


Over the next few years, the organisation has plans to expand by legally securing viable rainforest ecosystems so all species of orangutan can live in secure populations for decades to come. Leif says

electric-jungle-the-orangutan-project-charity orangutan-handler

“this is a massive task – but it is achievable” and it will take “multiple interventions to secure orangutan survival.”

This is where external support such as the donations from Electric Jungle come in. During their website launch EJ have pledged that they will donate £10 to The Orangutan Project per sale, meaning each customer will be actively taking part in efforts to save the Orangutan and its natural habitat. Director of Electric Jungle, Robert Dainty explained why he chose this particular cause:


Electric Jungle Director Robert Dainty overseeing the arrival of the first electric scooters
Electric Jungle Director Robert Dainty overseeing the arrival of the first electric scooters


“I’ve always been troubled by the impact humans have had on the rainforest and indigineous creatures.”

“Leif and his team are going above and beyond to not only save an endangered species but supporting locals too, so when I found out about their amazing work I wanted to support their cause and create our own ‘jungle’.”


Robert Dainty opening the container of Jungle ONE escooters
Robert opening the container of electric scooters
Electric Jungle Escooters ready for the UK
Electric Jungle ‘Jungle ONE’ Electric scooters ready for sale the UK


In 2016 the Bornean Orangutan was declared critically endangered and declining due to destruction of their habitat and illegal hunting. Officials from IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) stated that the Bornean population had declined by 60 percent since 1950 and anticipated their numbers will fall another 22 percent by the year 2025. Now into 2021, according to The Orangutan Project, extinction in the wild for Sumatran orangutans and soon after for Bornean orangutans is extremely likely in the next 10 years. Both species also remain on the IUCN red list of threatened species.


“We’re now having to work urgently to fund ongoing Wildlife Protection Patrols” continued Leif. “We have to support rescue operations for illegally held and displaced orangutans, and support the long-term rehabilitation and release process.  “All whilst funding community legal challenges against land-encroachment, assisting local law enforcement, conducting community education and sustainable land management initiatives and working with the Indonesian Government to legally transfer the status of unprotected forest into protected habitat.”


£10 of each sale of the Jungle ONE E-Scooter will be donated to The Orangutan Project




Whilst The Orangutan Project has been successful in securing hundreds and thousands of acres of rainforest across Indonesia, their next efforts require millions of pounds of funding, a task in which Leif says is impossible without external support:



“It’s important to note that having a loyal donor base made up of thousands of people and enterprises like Electric Jungle, who passionately believe in the same goals we do – means we can be flexible and dynamic.

“This is because we’re not beholden to complicated or rigid grants – and that’s why we can create such profound change on the ground.”


In order to make these changes, The Orangutan Project proposes that ‘one solution alone will not change the planet’ and there are other concurrent steps that will save the planet as a whole. These steps include rewilding 30 percent of the planet, increasing recycling efforts and the elimination of fossil fuels through alternative modes of transport such as electric vehicles. With milestone climate change conferences happening just yesterday in the US and electric transport making progress in the UK this year, organisations such as The Orangutan Project may have their wishes to make the planet sustainable for all species and find a solution to protect the indigenous Orangutans of Indonesia.


“Your support will fund all of this work. There’s not one part of it that can be dropped or left behind. It will take multiple interventions to secure orangutan survival.” – Leif Cocks


To donate to The Orangutan Project click here

View all Electric Jungle products here and each sale will donate £10 to The Orangutan Project

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