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How Repairing Your Electric Scooter At Home Affects Your Warranty

If I fix my electric scooter at home, will it void the warranty?

Yes, making repairs to your electric scooter at home will void your manufacturer warranty.

If your e-scooter is broken or damaged, you should contact the manufacturer (or the store you bought it from) to get it repaired under warranty.

Why can't I make changes to my electric scooter myself?

If you change, add, alter or replace any parts on your e-scooter yourself (even for repairs), the manufacturer can no longer verify that any damage or faults occurred due to the manufacturer.

This means the manufacturer cannot determine if the e-scooter was delivered in a damaged condition, or if the damage occurred during use.

I have a broken part on my electric scooter. How do I repair it?

If you discover a broken part on your e-scooter then you should contact the company you bought it from, so they can repair it for you under warranty.

This is usually a manufacturer or retailer. Their contact details and warranty information should be provided with the scooter.

I bought an electric scooter from Electric Jungle, how do I arrange a repair using my warranty?

Every electric scooter bought from Electric Jungle has a one-year warranty as standard. If you notice any faults with your electric scooter, get in touch with us using the details below. If the issue is covered by the warranty we’ll repair and return the e-scooter at no cost.

We will give you directions on returning the scooter back to us at your local Eco-Vape store. Once we get the e-scooter at our head office, we’ll investigate the cause of the issue and get in touch with you to discuss the necessary repairs.

Contact us by phone or by email:

Phone: 01773 438 377

Email: info@electric-jungle.co.uk

Repairs & Transportation Liability

Liability for Damage During Repair

We, Electric Jungle, accept no liability for any damages that may occur during the process of the repair, including during transit, and products are returned at the owner’s own risk.

Condition on Arrival

Upon receipt of the e-scooter, any existing damages, scratches or cosmetic alterations will be photographed and recorded by a member of staff for future reference and a member of management will be notified.

Repair Times

E-scooters that have been brought to a store for collection and repair are typically collected at the end of the working week. There may be occasions where collection from stores can take longer. Where this is the case, the customer will be notified.

From the collection/receipt of the scooter, the repair process may take up to three weeks or longer depending on the level of damage and any replacement parts needed to complete the repair. If there are any changes to the expected time frame for repair, the customer will be informed.

Collection & Return

Once the repair process is completed and the customer has been informed that their e-scooter is ready for collection (or any alternative prior agreement for the return of the scooter, such as home delivery), we will then hold the e-scooter for up to 14 days without charge to the customer.

Holding Fee

After a repair, if the customer has not collected the e-scooter after 14 days, and no other arrangements have been made between Electric Jungle and the customer, the customer will be charged a £10.00 GBP holding fee. An additional holding fee of £10.00 will then be applied every 7 days thereafter until the scooter has been collected by the customer, or until an alternative arrangement has been reached.


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