Electric Scooters

Electric Scooters

Browse our range of UK e-scooters. Our adult electric scooter range include our Jungle One

Electric Jungle are a leading UK based e scooter stockist with a five star rated customer service and after sales support team.

Did you know that £10 from every scooter sale goes to The Orangutan Project?  Please visit our Blog for up to date news and information.

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Why the Jungle One stands out from the crowd 

Here are the key factors why our Electric Jungle, Jungle One scooter really does out rank the competition 

1. Price 

With some of our competitors charging excess of £2000 for features we feel are excessive in the electric scooter world. You can pick up a Jungle One electric scooter without breaking the bank or scrimping on quality. Our long battery life, high quality brakes and suspension have been rigorously tested to outweigh some of the better-known brands in the market.  

2. Range  

 With a whopping 18-25km range you won’t be caught short when needing to get to your destination. This is based on a few factors like terrain, rider weight and weather conditions but on average this won’t disappoint!   

3. Motor power  

If you want to glide along and tackle hills without a worry, then we highly recommend our Jungle One E-Scooter. One thing to bear in mind is that our e-scooters reach speeds of 25km, faster speeds require greater awareness, and it may be a sensible idea to invest in some protective equipment. Our e scooter accessories page can have you kitted out with everything you need.  

4. Weight  

If you’re going to be carrying your scooter between journeys or on public transport, then the Jungle One weighs in at only 12.5kg. With this in mind you will be easily able to transport, fold and store your scooter conveniently 

5. Suspension, brakes and tyres  

All our jungle one e scooter models are equipped with an advanced integrated suspension system, making bumps less noticeable and when needed our cutting-edge braking system will bring you to a safe stop and won’t let you down! Our long-range tyres can be supplied with anti-puncture protection. Advancing on safety and creating a stress-free trip. Ask our customer service team for more information.