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Electric Scooters have seen a rapid rise in the UK with popularity soaring for alternatives to fuel powered mobility.

On top of providing safe, high quality electric scooters, Electric Jungle donates £10 from every scooter sale to The Orangutan Project as part of our #electricjungleproject to help save the Orangutan and protect the rainforests of Sumatra and Borneo with the goal to providing a cleaner planet.


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Introducing the Jungle.ONE

The debut electric scooter model launched by Electric Jungle.


Look out for our Donations

Look out for the Orangutan Donation logo next to our products. This showcases our pledge to donate £10 from each escooter sale to The Orangutan Project


We believe in offering affordable, quality e scooters that are built to last. Our Jungle One electric scooter model embodies core principles of our brand entailing a stylish design and durable build quality along with key safety features allowing riders a sense of security and peace of mind on their journey. 

E-Scooters are a great choice when you want to get around swiftly and with style. They are a simple cost-efficient mode of transport. With no experience needed and the integrated 400w motor means our scooters don’t require as much effort as a traditional scooter. Perfect for people who want to have fun without the workout when getting from A to B 

They’re also a very environmentally friendly form of transport, so you’ll be doing your bit to protect the environment every time you use your cool Jungle Scooter. 

Our QC procedures, and testing standards mean we only offer our customers the best quality e-scooter products.

Transport to help the environment


When you shop at Electric Jungle, you’re not only guaranteed high quality electric scooters and accessories, you’re also helping save the planet’s largest primate… the Orangutan.

You’re wondering if that’s where the name came from right? OK, you guessed it! When starting our journey, we wanted to have a name to reflect what we’re all about, and remind riders what we stand for. So when you’re exploring the concrete jungle on your new scooter, you’re also helping save the real jungle and protect the Orangutan.

Read more about our donations from every scooter sale, and our charity partner The Orangutan Project

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