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Shipping & Delivery Options

Electric Jungle wants to get you the best price possibly to get started on your electric scooter journey. Therefore, we offer Free Shipping on all of our escooter models!

Free Shipping will be selected by default when you head to checkout.

Next Day Delivery is available on all orders placed before 13:00 Mon – Thurs

Orders Placed on Friday before 13:00 will arrive on the next business day – the following Monday.

Orders Placed on Saturday or Sunday will arrive on Tuesday.

Yes, you can order for Click & Collect with Electric Jungle.

Currently, we offer click and collect in 14 locations with our Official stockists – Eco Vape retail stores with locations spanning the East Midlands, UK.

Stay tuned to find out announcements for future Click & Collect stockist locations!

At Checkout
1: When placing a Click & Collect order, you will receive a primary confirmation email with details of your order and payment confirmation.

2: You must wait until you receive a secondary email to confirm you can pick up your order.

(This ‘Ready to collect’ email is usually sent within 1-2 hours of purchase, but please allow up to 24 hours)
If you are worried you haven’t received your notification and would like to check the status of your order at any time, Please call 01773 438 377 and have your Order Number to hand for a support team representative to look into your order status.
3: When picking up your order, you will be asked to present a valid ID that matches your order details, and your email confirmation with your Order Number.

If you do not have both your ID and your email confirmation for our shop staff to view you will not be able to collect the purchase.

View Stockists Map

Electric Jungle Bulwell Hall
Long Eaton
Nottingham Parliament St.

We like to keep all of our Click & Collect locations as stocked up as possible, however, on occassion we do run out of certain colours in a particular location.

Electric Jungle guarantee to hold your order in-store for up to 48 hours from your ‘Ready for collection’ email notification.

If you experience any difficulties and know you won’t be able to collect your order in this time, Please call our support team to notify us so we can help you make other arrangements.

About Electric Scooter models and Maintenance

Typically, e-scooters are capable to travelling up to 30km/h, however the majority of manufacturers place a speed limiter on their escooter models to ensure their safety.

Our debut Jungle ONE model escooter has a top speed of 25km/h when ‘High Speed Mode’ is selected

The total distance you can travel on an e-scooter is measured in its range.

Escooter models vary in total range and we advise you always check a products ‘Technical Specifications’ and search for what is quoted on its ‘Max Range’ statistic. The Max range is usually recorded using optimal conditions.

As an example: The max range of our Jungle ONE escooter model is 25m

It is worth noting that a variety of factors such a rider’s weight, the terrain, and weather conditions can affect the max range of your escooter. Planning your journey ahead and taking into account factors such as steep hills is advised.

Typically, we at Electric Jungle do not advise escooters to be ridden in the rain.

Scooter manufacturers provide an IP rating based on its waterproofness between 0 and 9.

Each of these IP ratings will be between 0 and 9 with ‘9’ being most waterproof.

A minimum level of 5 or 6 will provide protection from puddles, splashes and light rain.

*Please Note* Many manufacturers advise whether their escooter model can be used in the rain. If you choose to ignore this, this can void the warranty offered with the product.


When you make a purchase from Electric Jungle, Items are returnable within and up to 14 days of receipt.

Terms for this require the purchase to be unopened, with the original packaging.

There will be a charge for restocking and postage and will be deducted from the credit note.

ll damaged items must be reported to Electric Jungle using our contact details available on our website. Electric Jungle will collected this item/s and a replacement will be dispatched to you.

UK Electric Scooter Law

Currently electric scooters are not legal to be ridden on public highways, or pavements, in the UK and Ireland.

The UK Government are in the midst of trials with a number of cities across the UK and rental electric scooter companies.

Electric Jungle will be keeping all of our customers and those who have signed up to our mailing list up to date with significant changes to these laws.

For more information, read our blog on e-scooter laws and regulations here

Most escooter models can easily be taken on public and private transport thanks to their lightweight frame and folding capabilities.

Before planning your journey, we do advise checking the policy of the transport company before travelling just in case.

Airplanes: Due to the batteries used on most escooter models, most airlines do not allow escooters. Again, we advise you read their policies for clarification.

To ride an adult electric scooter we recommend that you must be at least 16 years old unless specified by a particular brand and model to be acceptable for younger riders.


You can make a trade order in multiple ways
Email – Currently we are taking all trade enquiries at trade@electric-jungle.co.uk
Phone – Quickly call one of our sales representatives and give them your order over the phone +44 (0) 1773 438 377
Online – Sign up to our trade site here, Place your order online.

An account manager will give you your payment terms on the completion of opening a trade account.

BACs transfer: Simply pay your invoice using the payment details listed via your banking app, on your bank’s website or in your bank.

Our dispatch service is automated to give speed and ease of dispatching orders big and small.
If the payment terms of your order have been followed and there are no special requests your order will be dispatched same day if paid before 13:00 (Excluding Friday’s and Weekends)

Electric Jungle has a fully automated drop-shipping platform where you can dispatch your orders directly to your customers via our online portal.

Drop-shipping gives the retailer the option to hold minimal stock and dispatch items directly to the customer’s door saving transporting heavy boxes via public transport etc.

Our drop shipping option is FREE to use and your account manager will give you your login details on completion of opening a trade account.

Our drop shipping warehouse is operated by a company in our group called PAL Group LTD, for more information on PAL please visit https://bonded-warehouse.co.uk/
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E-Scooter UK Law

It is currently illegal to use an e-scooter on a public road, pavement or cycle lane. Electric scooters should only be ridden on private land with land owner permission. Click the link to find out more information on the Government Powered Transport Guidance