What Is The Orangutan Project?

The Orangutan Project is a charity that incorporates a holistic approach to conservation and protection of Orangutans and their natural habitat. The charity has been sucessfully sponsoring projects on the ground in Sumatra and Borneo for over 20 years.

In supporting these noble causes, funds are allocated to the animals, and also spent on projects that save and conserve it’s jungle habitat and local indiginous communities.


Key Areas

The Orangutan Project supports a variety of projects simultanesously, focusing strategically on 4 key areas...

-Legal protection of forests

-Securing, restoring and patrolling orangutan habitats,

-Rescue, rehabilitation, and release of orangutans into the wild

-Education and empowerment of local communities and Indigenous people

orangutan protection achievements poster

The Projects

Find out more about some of our projects such as the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation, Hutan-Kinabatangan Orangutan Conservation Programme and many more.

Who Benefits?

Donations to The Orangutan Project help protect the Orangutan, and also directly impact the lives of it’s critically endangered comrades, the Sumatran Tiger, and the Sumatran Elephant


How Do Electric Jungle Help?

When you shop at Electric Jungle, you’re not only guaranteed high-quality electric scooter products, you’re also helping save the planet’s largest primate… the Orangutan.

You’re wondering if that’s where the name came from right? OK, you guessed it! When starting our journey, we wanted to have a name to reflect what we’re all about, and remind riders what we stand for. So when you’re exploring the concrete jungle on your new e-scooter, you’re also helping save the real jungle and protect the Orangutan.

Read more about our Orangutan Rescue LTD donations from every e-scooter sale, and our charity partner The Orangutan Project

man holding helmet with orange electric scooter in forest