Shared e-scooter operators surpass DFT trials deadline


Shared e-scooter operators surpass DfT trials deadline

The rollout for trail e-scooters was proposed to end late March but is still to be confirmed by the Department for Transport.

Operators of shared e-scooters are operating in new trial areas despite the proposed deadline set by the Department for Transport.

The deadline already extended from last autumn was set to end on March 31, but into April there is yet to be any confirmation as to whether the deadline has been extended.

Although the DfT stated last year that any extension would be “subject to local and national government agreement” trials in Great Yarmouth, Sunderland and Rochdale have launched successfully this month with more to follow.


Since trials started in June last year, over 25 areas in the UK have taken the scheme on board.

But long-anticipated rollouts such as the 60 to 150 fleet in London boroughs are still in progress.

In a recent interview with Transport for London, they told us that they “are in the final stages of the procurement process” and that “any further announcements in relation to the outcome 

of the process will be made in due course.”


If other urban transport schemes in London are anything to go by, then e-scooter trials are set to become an integral part of transport in the capital.

In February this year, Santander’s cycle hire in the city officially reached one million hires, equating to more than 10 rides per Londoner.

The scheme also offered free rides to NHS workers during the pandemic as a safe and sustainable alternative to public transport.

Speaking on the TfL website, Nathan Bostock CEO of Santander commented: “It’s fantastic that Santander Cycles continues to break records, demonstrating the important role the scheme plays in keeping communities connected and mobile in a sustainable way.”

Transport for London has confirmed that their e-scooter trails “have been undergoing an open and competitive procurement process for a planned 12-month trial” and are set to end in Spring 2022.

A full list of trial areas can be found here via the website.

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